In 2007 we, psychologists Amit Volk and Jonathan Raifen, established 'Merhavim Center'. Our goal is  to provide intensive psychological treatment for families in crisis. We believe that crisis can also be an opportunity for growth and strengthening relationships between family members. Thus, we build together a supportive environment based on your family's strengths and uniqueness. Treatment at the center is also an alternative to hospitalization, but unlike most alternatives, it combines treatment in your natural habitat (such as the family home), together with clinic care.

Our therapy method - S.A.T. (Systemic Analytic Therapy), was developed as part of our work at the center. This method combines dynamic therapy traditions (working with dreams, thoughts, feelings and experiences in the present and past), with active involvement in aspects of patients' lives that need support (such as training for school staff, communication with mental health systems and communal integration).

The arrival of our skilled caregivers, regularly and intensively, into the homes of patients, allows us to approach the family member in crisis. At the same time it allows us to recruit other family members as partners in both defining the difficulty and designing the treatment program. Our experience shows that this way, change can be triggered within a few months, even in cases of very severe and long crisis.

Our main clinic in Binyamina serves patients between Haifa and Tel-Aviv. Our new clinic in Modi'in serves patients between Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem.


We collaborate with the Ministry of Defense, welfare bureaus, kibbutzim, education and school departments. 


We manage medical records as required by law, uphold professional ethics, and maintain medical confidentiality.

We would love to be at your disposal, you are welcome to contact us and make an appointment.